Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do it for mom!

This picture says it all…How kind our mothers are to us. How kind our fathers are to us. How kind our teachers are to us. All of us have someone very kind in our lives that nurtured us. Never forget their kindness. Never live your life like you did it on your own…impossible.
Repay their kindness by being a good person, by benefitting others and by doing dharma work. Control, subdue and tame your habits to accomplish your work thinking about the kindness of your mom and whoever you may dedicate your work/merits for them. If you let negative habits take over, you do not accomplish your work then you cannot dedicate anything to anyone, not even yourself. Gratitude is results.
Do not make excuses of any kind ever to repay the kindness of your mom and the equivalent persons. Never disappoint, hurt, use, abandon, damage your mom and those who were kind to you…. Sometime your mom or loved ones may not understand what you are doing, but you keep on doing it with her in mind. You accomplish your work by results then dedicate.  
Buddha left the palace and upset his father and all that loved Him very much, but when He attained enlightenment, He returned to the palace to preach the Dharma to them and liberated them remembering their kindness of the past…that is a good example.
Never forget the kindness of others especially those who have impacted your life..
Tsem Rinpoche


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